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CAMPAK LTD is the UK & Ireland sales office for the CAM group which from its factories in Bologna, Italy has been designing & manufacturing packaging machinery & lines for over 65 years.

CAM ZP EASY Palletiser

The ZP Easy is an auntomatic palletiser for shipping cases with a mechanical speed of 12 cycles per minute. The ZP Easy is characterised by its low price, its versatility & its ability to perform in not optimal working environments. The ZP Easy commands related to grasping head movement & product positioning have been installed on the top part of the machine. This allows the ZP Easy to lend itself to use in working environments where the floors are dusty, wet or even corroded by liquids. The ZP Easy has injury-preventive protections in place which have been manufactured in steel grid. The operator panel on the ZP Easy may be interfaced with an external PC in order to carry out automatic configuration of product formats.

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