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CAMPAK LTD is the UK & Ireland sales office for the CAM group which from its factories in Bologna, Italy has been designing & manufacturing packaging machinery & lines for over 65 years.

CAM HG Cartoner

Automatic continuous motion horizontal cartoner model "HG"

The HG continuous motion horizontal cartoner represents CAM's technical development maintaining, with constant improvements, the concepts of functional reliability which distinguish CAM machinery responding, at the same time, to the requirements of an ever-changing market.

The result is a continuous motion high speed machine, with particular attention given to the ergonomic aspect, operation safety and accessibility for inspection and cleaning purposes. The operator side of the HG is perfectly linear and accessible, allowing carton magazine loading to be carried-out with convenience and with large carton storage capacity. This feature also gives the operator full vision and total control of all the functions carried-out on the machine. The cantilever structure, separating the mechanical transmission from the product/carton handling areas, guarantees total accessibility for machine inspection purposes and immediate elimination of product/packaging material residue. The exclusive carton erection system incorporating a continuous motion 3-station turret, each station separately driven by closed-profile cams for carton pick-off at zero speed, allows for total and progressive carton pre-breaking to be carried-out in a time period longer than machine cycle. Each carton erection station is composed of two suction-cup arms which, by pulling externally on the two adjacent faces of the carton, guarantee positive opening, whatever board grammage is used and even in the case of handling square-section formats. The product transport buckets, moving following a cam profile are inserted into the cartons, allowing perfect introduction even when handling products with irregular shape/dimensions. The wide range of product feeders available covers all possible packaging requirements of the Food industry. As on all CAM machinery, the HG is also equipped with the Mechanical Memory® system, transforming complete size change-over into a series of rapid and pre-set operations, which can be carried-out by unskilled personnel in less than 10 minutes, eliminating the need for fine-tuning adjustments and allowing size change-over to coincide with actual production change-over.

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